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Services Management Systems

The service industry continues to thrive, and today's operational constraints are changing. Inevitably, specialized management solutions are required to run the service industry. Odoo ERP provides efficient management of service industries through a dedicated configuration of the platform to meet the needs of operating service industries with experienced partners such as Global solutions.

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Projects and Planning:

- Integrated project management and planning tools help you effectively plan and execute the operations of your service business gist Define Operational Items gist Create tasks and subtasks under each project gist complete task management gist Schedule actions in the planning module gist Project forecast gist Staff assignment.

Accounting and invoicing:

Odoo's accounting module supports the financial management operations of your service industry and introduces special tools and operational functions gist define local tax gist Create accounting rules gist Accept payments from multiple sources gist Define the Chart of Accounts gist Financial Status and Draft Fiscal Year gist Create an invoice now gist Define Payment Terms.

Sales management:

- Manage sales operations using specific tools available in the sales management module of the Odoo platform

 - Real-time functional tools .

- Design Sale Offers.

- Send sales order.

- Comprehensive Service Fees and Schedules.

- Charge customers based on services.

Purchase and inventory management:

Dedicated Purchasing and Inventory Management will handle aspects of inventory management for acquiring products, inventorying products, and sending a request for quotation. Manage multiple suppliers Manage supplier invoices at the time of purchase Determine product locations and warehouse base Product batch and serial number Determine product expiration date.

Field Service Management:

- A special field service management tool in Odoo supports you to manage field service activities in the service industry

- Plan field tasks with employees.

- Define the task to be performed.

- Configured Google Maps.

- Create invoices based on interventions.

- Schedule-Based Billing.

- Products in the sales area.