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Optical Odoo System

Odoo is a system that suits the needs of medical service workers to provide safe services to their patients, as we offer you the optics application that includes everything you need to manage your center, starting from creating a file for each client containing personal data, contact data, eyeglass sizes, medical statements and choosing the insurance company if any, To issue electronic invoices containing QR code, with superior inventory organization, facilitating stock movements, and ability to track inventory with serial number and expiration date.

Once you log your customer's data into the optics app, the system keeps it, and you don't need to re-enter the size of the glasses every time your customer comes to you, unless they ask to change it. The date of receiving the glasses is added in the customer profile in a way that alerts can be sent to him, reminding customers of the appointment via emails, and you will also be able to keep in touch with the customer to send periodic offers, and target them in your marketing campaigns.

It also provides you with the possibility to log an infinite number of different items with several activable tracking systems, such as serial number, shipment number and expiration date. Through this, you can review each item or shipment received to the store and follow up on what was spent on the invoices, and the system will alert you when the item has expired.

Control the way lenses and eyeglass frames are ordered in your store through labels and models, check additions and exchanges to your inventory manually or by activating stock permissions and assign them to the storekeeper, follow up on a continuous inventory to compare physical inventory with data recorded in the UDN visual and visual warehouse management software, then Stock adjustment.

Issue your electronic invoices for glasses in the simplest way possible

With a simple and advanced screen, you can issue electronic invoices containing a QR code and carry out tax transactions on them with ease. The system also allows you to calculate bill payments according to the insurance company to which the customer belongs, and calculate the percentage of the agreed discount and share. And Odoo gives you an easy interface for POS sales, to increase the speed of sales in your eyewear store.

Monitor your expenses, by determining what you spend in order to manage your eyewear and optics stores, such as wages for workers and utilities, all periodic expenses, as well as operating expenses and loss in the value of inventory due to loss, then compare the income from sales and revenue to what you spend, to find out a net profit or store loss.

Payments and invoices reports, showing you the turnover of your money, and the extent of your profit from the cost, in addition to inventory reports, purchase reports, and product reports, they have a great role in controlling the movement of inventory and purchase orders, so be aware of what is going on by issuing periodic reports.

Customize the system in line with your industry by activating only the required applications and integration with the application of sales, stores, accounting, and POS, customize the user interface to suit your brand identity and colors, in addition to modifying templates for invoices, quotes and other publications for an optimal experience tailored to your needs.

You can easily manage your business with various features and tools included in an easy-to-use interface with simple steps, as you do not need deep knowledge of ERP systems or complex accounting methods to work on any of the system applications.

App Features

  • Add patient data and eye measurements

  •  Determining and scheduling examinations and re-examinations

  •  Personnel, Doctors, and Secretary Affairs Department

  •  A complete file that displays a complete record of the patient, whether x-ray reports or analyzes, the history of his illness, operations, or medications

  •  Recording operations data and reporting what was done inside the operating room and its cost

  •  He made a treatment prescription in the name of the patient, the name of the treating doctor, the type of examination, and its price, with the clinic’s logo on it

  •  It includes lists of doctors - patients - secretaries - reports - accounts - purchases

  •  Manage all accounts of the clinic or medical center

  •  Report the profitability of the clinic during a certain period

  •  Follow-up report of the patient's previous vision measurements

  •  Supporting the automatic data completion feature to facilitate writing data to the doctor

  •  Strong data protection where you can backup and restore the database while preserving patient data

The most important menus and screens in the program

  • Ophthalmology and eye clinics Odoo optical management program offers the possibility of recording all the primary data of the patient such as name, number, or address, and also searching for it with ease.
  • Support and autocomplete data while writing in different fields to facilitate the process of writing data and save time.
  • The program bears an unlimited amount of patient data and you can add, modify or delete the data at any time.
  • Managing reservations, examination appointments, re-examinations, and outpatient visits.
  • You can enter the patient’s data and make a prescription in the name of the patient, the name of the treating doctor, and the type of examination, and easily print the clinic’s logo through the quick or normal detection screen.
  • An integrated patient file for the patient that you can display at each visit to the patient so that the patient history is shown for him from the dates of his previous visits, x-rays, medicines, and prescriptions, in addition to following up on previous vision measurements.