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Odoo Implementation


Odoo Implementation

Odoo implementation is more difficult and, if not done correctly, can be disastrous. However, Global Solutions Technologies, an Odoo gold partner, can provide you with a hassle-free deployment of user-friendly Odoo platforms tailored to your specific business needs. We are Odoo implementation experts with a well-defined process that has been well-practiced and mastered:  
Global Solutions is a top-tier Odoo implementation firm that has been an excellent Odoo partner for over 13 years and is still going strong in the Odoo community. Furthermore, we create and deploy the platform according to your needs, using the best and most established techniques to avoid disturbing the Odoo platform's functionality.

Odoo implementation can be more difficult and lead to disaster if not done by experts.

However, Odoo's Gold Partner Global solution  Technologies can provide you with a hassle-free implementation of the user-friendly Odoo platform according to your business needs.

We are experts in Odoo implementation and have a well-practiced and mastered approach: the global solution is one of the premium Odoo implementation companies, has been an expert Odoo partner for over 10 years, and is still going strong in the Odoo community.

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Furthermore, we develop and implement the platform according to your needs, without affecting the functionality of the Odoo platform, following optimal and standardized procedures....

Requirement Analysis

First, we accurately identify your business needs. It is difficult to design the perfect solution without understanding and analyzing your business needs. In our decisions, the wishes of our customers are at the forefront.

Customization & Development

After understanding, we set out to develop Odoo ERP. The philosophy of developing this module is to serve your business in the right way. We ensure development is in compliance with industry norms and standards.

Odoo Deployment & Configuration

We give you great flexibility to configure it according to your business needs. We take care of all ERP functions and analytical tools tailored to your company's needs. This allows users to get the ultimate customization and personalization on their job pages.

Data Migration

Data migration is one of the key elements of an ERP implementation. For a successful business process, data should be complete and correct. We take great care to transfer your existing data from current applications including software, excel files, old versions of Odoo, etc. to the new Odoo ERP.

Training & Support

A timeline is a graphical representation on which important events are marked.

Make it Live

Always by your side to help you stay on top of all shady situations. We help you find the best ERP implementation to take your company to the next level.