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Enterprise applications must go the customer route. Commercial customization Odoo provides customer needs service package. Global Solution Technologies,...

We provide high-end customization services that enable clients to get the most out of their applications to achieve their business goals. Our technical team extends Odoo's modular approach and supports you in all your desired requirements.

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Let's take a Journey The Customization Services' Steps

Requirement Gathering

We make an appointment with you and our technical team to gather information about your needs and requirements.

GAP Analysis

We analyze the gap between Odoo's available features and your requirements.

Feasibility Study

Conduct research on the feasibility of requested changes in Odoo without impacting performance and impacting the standard functionality of the platform We are waiting for your approval to continue


The platform is developed according to needs and requirements and also according to standards.

Customer Approval

We wait for your approval to proceed further.


The platform is developed according to needs and requirements, and also according to standards.


Several built-in tests as well as unit tests were performed to evaluate reliability.  


Completed and tested modules will be delivered to you.