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Human Resource Management System

Managing the human resources of establishments with ease and flexibility, and managing everything related to employees

Features of the Human Resources Management Application:

  • Enter employees with allrequired data and personal photos.
  • Entering employment contracts with an accurate definition of working times, training, and salary structure.
  • The possibility of recording attendance from the system and calculating working times. Record all employee expenses.
  • The possibility of sending detailed leave requests with times and reasons to the managers on the system and the possibility of replying, approving, or rejecting the leave by the managers.
  • Search capabilities allow the user to access what he wants quickly and easily.

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Human resources management program, personnel affairs and workers for companies HR software – it is a comprehensive system that deals with the management, organization and monitoring of everything related to the workforce in the organization or company; In terms of wages, appointment, rewards, discounts, attendance and departure, working hours and work efficiency, in order to provide accurate follow-up to the employees, and at the same time coordinate with all other facility programs such as the general accounts program to issue the necessary entries and link with the different cost center to avoid any errors Accounting in the establishment, and employees' salaries are calculated with the utmost accuracy, which leaves no room for error, as happens in paper systems

Our program is one of the best programs for managing personnel affairs, as it facilitates the management of various operations that take place within the work environment, whether administrative, accounting, or related to preservation and archiving, as it provides each employee with a complete file with all his personal data and academic qualifications, in addition to following up the reasons for appointment that are not met for each employee, With the monitoring of a complete historical record of the employee, starting from the date of his appointment until he reaches retirement age, the system contains an archive of all documents and certificates of the employee and warnings of the dates of renewal of documents and the dates of their return to the archive if they leave for any reason, which made him gain the confidence of the largest commercial and administrative institutions around the world

Attendance system for time management, which is specialized in calculating all time effects such as attendance, absence, delay, overtime, penalties, etc. in the form of points, and it is a complete system for managing time manually and automatically by linking it to different fingerprint programs or attendance devices, and the system also follows up Permissions and errands for workers, and it is based on flexible rules in monitoring cases of absence, delay, overtime, permissions and errands, this program works on more than one shift for one employee on the same day, and prepares reports by the user of time management data and integrates them with data on personnel affairs within the company or organization in entering administrative penalties From the system, in addition to the penalties that are calculated automatically from the system

Our System Information

One system that links all the administrative and financial activities of the institution and deals with everything related to employees and workers from calculating salaries and registering attendance and leaving. And you can send the salary items via e-mail to each employee, and of course, the payment of salaries is linked to the general accounts and the treasury movement, and the movements affect the general accounts, the final lists, cost centers, and the distribution of salaries to projects

  •  Integration between the attendance system and the list of delays, overtime, absences and vacations with the wages system.
  • The process of calculating the salaries of thousands of employees is done in minutes.
  • Reviewing attendance, leaving, calculating salaries, and reviewing the financial entry from one screen.
  • Calculate compound vocabulary (such as taxes and insurances) easily.
  • Entering workers' advances and installments with ease and flexibility.
  • Direct connection to attendance and departure machines.
  • The delay rule is gradual during the day (the first quarter of an hour is a grace period, then...) and also during the month (the first time - the second time...).
  • Supporting all types of leave (regular - casual - unpaid - sick ...) with the possibility of defining new types.
  • Control over weekends and annual holidays. Support for successive shifts.
  • Entering all employees' personal data and their documents (documents - photos - word files).
  • Entering job applications with related documents attached. Evaluate the personal and technical characteristics of the applicant.
  • Enter training courses for employees and their results.
  • Introduce the evaluation of employees periodically in all administrative and technical aspects and personal characteristics.
  • Reviewing attendance, leaving, calculating salaries, and reviewing the financial entry from one screen.
  • Calculating salaries, reviewing attendance and leaving hours, calculating salary items, printing salaries and accounting entries from one screen - you can easily calculate and review thousands of salaries from the same screen.

 The presence of all this data and information on one screen makes reviewing attendance records, calculating salaries, and knowing the details of the items that make up the employees’ salaries very easy.

The accounting entry for the salary transaction is created automatically.

The salaries can be printed in total or in detail for each employee.

Statistically and graphically analyzing the ranks at all levels defined in the system, whether at the level of department, department, job grade, job, or any other organizational level.

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