Foodics Integration

Global Solutions' Odoo Foodics Integration Module


Foodics Odoo Integration

 POS can be synchronized with Odoo in an easier way, which saves a lot of time and facilitates all operations for employees.
For accounts:

  • Dashboard.
  • Accounting guide.
  • Create an accounting entry.
  • Create a bank account.
  • taxes.
  • Cost centers (analytical accounts).
  • Synchronize products and categories of products in a way.
  • Synchronizing taxes and linking them to an account in the accounting guide.
  • All incoming and available products and goods can be reviewed and listed.
  • Automatic buying and selling operations can be counted.
  • All branches can be linked to each other and all operations that take place within the branches can be tracked.
  • All current and incoming items can be counted and recorded with all operations that take place
  • All operations and stages that took place on the products can be recorded.
  • Accounting entries can be closed automatically after the end of the daily synchronization period.
  • You can keep track of your accounting transactions in an easier way.

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