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The Directorate General of Zakat and Income announced that its board of directors had approved the electronic billing regulation that was issued on Friday, December 4, 2020 AD, noting that the regulation entered into force on the date of its publication and that the obligation to issue electronic invoices and keep them on December 4, 2021 AD is in accordance with the regulations, An electronic invoice is defined as a tax invoice issued electronically by electronic means, issued by every taxpayer who pays value-added tax in the Kingdom. In conjunction with the decision of the Department of Zakat, Taxes and Customs on December 4, 2020, the implementation of an electronic system to organize the billing process for companies and institutions for electronic billing according to the standards and regulations of the authority, and the absence of recognized manual or scanned invoices (Saudi invoices) provides an ideal solution to achieve the desired goals, by providing Software to present electronic invoices in a simple and easy to use manner. Users can fully rely on the (Saudi Invoice) program in the sales invoicing process, save it, and refer to it at any time in the absence of a program for the institution or company. In the event that a program exists, the (Saudi Invoice) program supports the linking process with the establishment.

What is the purpose of the electronic invoice process?

The electronic billing process aims to save the invoices issued electronically, and then reach the stage of complete linkage, without resorting to invoices and manual tax returns, in order to reduce bill manipulation and tax evasion.

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