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 CRM | Customer Relationship Management


CRM | Customer Relationship Management  

Customer Relations Application Features:

- Create a sales team for different sales methods and you can set a monthly goal for each team with many analytical reports and charts.

- An opportunity management system helps to create successful deals and gain new customers.

- Recording a summary of calls for your reference and scheduling upcoming calls with customers.

- Determining and recording meeting dates on the system, sending electronic invitations to invitees, and confirming attendance.

- Availability of registering complaints directly on the system by customers and users, and following up on the stages of complaint handling.

- Follow up on customer requests and questions, manage technical support, and follow up on performance.

- Automatically generate knowledge and opportunities from received emails. Effective analysis of opportunities and knowledge

- You can schedule interviews and calls through the calendar built into the system.

- You can also see your agenda and the work of your colleagues.

- You can define the steps and stages of sales and marketing to suit your company perfectly.

- Simply share your reports with all co-workers.

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