Key Features:

  • Full support for project phases
  • Adequate files for the components of contracting
  • Comprehensive record of contract, and independent disclosure
  • Inventory of quantities and issuance of extracts
  • Flexible costing system
  • A complete system for subcontracting articles
  • Detailed simulation of contracting work
  • An integrated tree for cost centers (projects - housing units).
  • Follow-up purchases at the level of different cost centers.
  • Follow up with suppliers and compare their prices.
  • Follow-up contracts for clients or subcontractors.
  • Follow up and print extracts, whether for clients or subcontractors.
  • Follow up the cost of contracts.
  • Find out who is actually spending on the project with ease.
  • Issuing financial statements and final accounts.
  • Automated system for calculating receivables
  • Lists and quotations for contracting activity
  • Track the expenses of raw materials and supplies 

The system supports the advance payment and automatic deduction from it through project extracts. It also supports securing works that recover their value at the end of the project and guaranteeing works that recover their value after the end of the project within a period of time. It is also possible to apply automatic deductions for insurance, guarantee, and taxes with regular extracts and final extracts. On the other hand, the engineering department can enter the completion percentages daily or weekly, which allows the project status to be followed up with extracts.
The system follows up the quantities on which previous extracts were made and compares them with the current completion rates and makes the extract with the differences. You can also specify one or more conditions for each item, for each stage, or for the entire contract. Conditions are integrated with extracts so that the system searches for conditions and inserts their values automatically. In addition, the system allows a tolerance percentage for projects, meaning that the contractor is allowed to increase the quantities by 10%, for example, of the contracting contract, so that the contractor bears any additional costs if this percentage is exceeded.

These programs are indispensable for construction companies. Odoo's suite of contracting management applications and contracting accounting software integrates various software systems into one comprehensive solution so that construction managers can obtain tools to effectively manage the full life cycle of a project, including:

Project management

  • Accurately maintains historical data for tenders and their clauses in contracting companies.
  • Accurately records the cost elements and determines the price to be offered in the tender through the accounting application
  • Register project contracts.
  • Proof of advance payments.
  • Provides estimated budgets for projects.
  • The business items are assigned to a subcontractor, or several contractors.
  • Transfers business items from one subcontractor to another.
  • Compares the actual cost elements of the budget, and shows the difference at the level of work items, separate or total.
  • Provides professional indicators of performance, according to cost elements “labor – materials – equipment – subcontractors – other costs.”
  • The extracts are submitted to the competent authorities according to their sequence for review, registration of recommendations, and then approval of the extract.
  • Collects the net value of the extracts, after deducting fines and payment rates through the contracting accounting program.
  • A separate statement shall be submitted with the position of each of the “advance payment – amounts withheld – fines and their types – extract” for each project and for all projects.
  • Accurately measures performance rates in financial terms for each project.
  • Follows up changes in the value and duration of contracts.
  • Provides accurate analytical reports of the expenses and revenues of each project.

Movement management

  • Provides an estimated budget for the needs of each project in terms of “equipment and vehicles” during the implementation period.
  • It provides detailed statistics on the “available equipment” of the movement department, its condition, and its whereabouts.
  • Professional management of maintenance workshops, and follow-up of the entry and exit of equipment and cars to the workshops through smart operating cards.
  • Processes requests for providing equipment for each project “transferring equipment from one project to another – available equipment – renting equipment from others – purchasing equipment.”
  • Loads projects with a rental value for the equipment.
  • Provides a detailed cost for each equipment, and monitors spare parts and fuel.
  • Manages transportation between projects and warehouses, through the “Fleet of Trucks” by managing the movement.
  • Follows up the details of insurance policies, for equipment and cars.
  • Monitors accidents, tolerances, and insurance claims.
  • Follows up the movement of equipment and assets between projects.
  • Linking with tracking systems.
  • Monitors depreciation of fixed assets, additions, and exceptions.

Labor and materials management

  • Follow up on employment and its presence in projects.
  • Follows up on labor movements, and charges each project with its share of the labor cost.
  • Monitors “wages, out-of-hours, liquidations, bonuses, deductions, vacations, advances, and absences” at the level of the worker, the project, and the company.
  • Provides reports of deviations of actual labor consumption from the estimated, at the level of each project.
  • Performs a full cycle of procurement, starting from “requesting materials, then quotations and the purchase order, until receiving materials at warehouses or sites, and issuing the purchase invoice.”
  • Follows up on purchases for each project, and links them with the estimated budget for materials.
  • Provides reports of deviations from the actual consumption of materials from the “estimated” at the level of each project, and even each item of project work.